Sunday, September 7, 2014

Surviving Seventh Grade...Again!

When I tell people that I am a teacher, they usually smile and say something along the lines of "Oh, that must be such a rewarding job!" or "We always need good teachers."  Then, they get around to asking me what grade I teach.  That's when the smile fades.  It is usually replaced with a raised eyebrow, a slight grimace, and something along the lines of "Oh. Why?"

Not many people understand.  For so many of us, middle school was a veritable minefield of acne, hormones, and ugly rumors.  Why on earth would anyone choose to go back there?  My answer:  I honestly don't know.  Middle school is still hard, maybe even harder from this perspective.  Sure, my skin is clear now, but I also have a hundred sets of eyes on me throughout the day.  A hundred eyes that judge.  A hundred eyes that are convinced I have nothing of value to offer them.  A hundred eyes that would rather be doing just about anything else.

But those eyes also need people like me.  People who will listen to their problems--no matter how petty they tend to seem.  They need someone who will laugh with them, not at them.  Someone who will take their punches and love them anyway because I do love them, hormones and all.

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.  I just hope I survive...


  1. Ah, Bailey--of course you will survive, and you will thrive! Your motivations are of the highest order! Love conquers all!

  2. Hi Bailey, I remember my time teaching 6th through 10th graders with a smile. I think my joy in the age group was the "soap opera" factor. There is so much drama at this age, and I felt like it was the most exciting job being a spectator and contributor to the students as they figured their way around. What a great age! I'm sure you'll be back into the swing of things before you know it. October is right around the corner.